Rugs are in our blood. It’s a very personal thing. Our Head of Production’s family have been producing rugs for three generations.

Our hand-knotted rugs can be woven in the finest Persian and Indo Tibetan style. Contrary to popular belief Indo Tibetan rugs are akin to Nepali Tibetan rugs as they share the same origin. Although both countries enjoyed age old weaving heritages of their own the tradition of weaving Tibetan style carpets we know today only dates back to the Tibetan Uprising of 1959. Both Indo Tibetan and Nepali Tibetan weaves exist as a result of the migration which followed and the establishment of the Tibetan diaspora in both countries. This led to the sharing of knowledge and the beautiful Indo Tibetan weave of our hand knotted rugs.

Rug shown: Bespoke hand knotted rug for the Sands Hotel.

Our rugs are beautifully hand made by our craftsmen and women in India. We have spent the last ten years building an exemplary team and refining our process. We have retained the hand-made tradition because we believe there is no substitute for the human touch. Continuing to hand knot and hand tuft while adding the very best of modern technology and systems where appropriate to enhance the service we offer.

You fall in love with it. As it’s not a mechanised process it is very exciting. I find the whole process amazing and romantic. Looking at the dying process and the colours that come out… so much depth of colour, so rich. You have to experience it first-hand. It’s a very personal thing.

D Ansari
Head of production: Rug Couture

Inspired by a great man who became one of the first people to found his own company pre-1947 and as a result directly benefitted his community we take ethics seriously.