We understand the importance of colour and more specifically the colour or colours you are looking for.

We don’t want you to compromise. Colour can transport you. Just a slight twist of blue hue can evoke tropical seas or clear summer skies; stolen moments of tranquility and warmth that can be brought into a space if you obtain the correct colour match.

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Online Shop - Colour Samples

We offer individual colour pom samples of all the colours used in our customisable designs which can be sent to you, free of charge to your preferred location anywhere in the world. To order colour samples, find the rugs you like in our online shop, and simply click the 'order samples' button.

Matching to Industry Standard Colour Systems and Physical Colour Samples

We can match many of the industry standard colour system colours e.g. Pantone, RAL and can also colour match to physical samples, e.g. wallpaper or fabric swatches. Simply let us know the colour system and reference numbers you would like to match or send physical samples to us, and our team will be pleased to assist you.

Bespoke Colours

In the rare instances we are unable to find a good match we can create a bespoke colour especially for you or your project. Please contact a member of our team if you would like more information.

The Colour Box

Trade customers or private individuals developing much larger, multi-room schemes may wish to purchase our signature colour box which contains 480 carefully selected key colours for easy reference, the full cost of which is fully refundable against your first order. Colours are ordered by number for ease of communication with tints of the same colour sharing the first four digits. This highly usable selection is beautifully presented in a durable case for ease of carriage and storage and costs A$700. Please contact a member of our team if you would like more information.

Complimentary Weave Samples

Different materials and textures stimulate our sense of touch inviting that human connection and nowhere is this so rewarding as the feel of a hand crafted rug underfoot. We would encourage all our clients to see and feel the quality of our rugs first hand. For this reason, we offer complimentary standard size weave samples of all our weaves. Please contact a member of our team noting your desired weave(s) and preferred address. Trade clients may request our complete weave selection to add to their sample library.

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Designer Rug Weave Samples

All of our hand-knotted designer rugs are so beautifully woven that they can be pleasurably viewed from the reverse. To really convey the skill and beauty of this ancient art form more generously sized, returnable hand-knotted weave samples are available on all our designer rugs. Due to their high value we request a deposit which is fully refundable upon their safe return or if our clients wish to retain these for future use subsequent to their order we will deduct this cost from the total order value. Please contact a member of our team noting your desired rug(s) design and preferred address.

Texture and Effects Samples

Whether it’s to accent the motifs within a design through a subtly hand carved outline or the elegant use of light reflecting materials. Or to create a self-coloured textural piece through carving or loop cutting alone effects can be used to really transform the look and feel of a piece. To assist our clients with their visualisation we offer the following range of effects samples:

  • Carving
  • Loop cutting
  • Silk/Art silk accents
  • Gradation

Please contact a member of our team if you would like more information.

Bespoke Textures and Effects

We're always sourcing new materials and developing innovative weave styles so please get in touch if there is something that you would like to see.

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