Hand-Tufted Wool Rugs

Our custom hand-tufted round blue green rugs are our most popular rug as they provide a high quality look within a rapid timeframe. These rugs are fully customisable - easily edit colours then choose your size, shape and pile depth. All of our hand tufted rugs can be made from pure wool or New Zealand wool.

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Maelstrom Rug ID 1342212 from A$351 m²
Lyndon Rug ID 1140303 from A$349 m²
Tate Rug ID 1289411 from A$349 m²
Ocean Drive Rug ID 427161 from A$349 m²
Noemi Rug ID 1338512 from A$357 m²
Strokes Rug ID 784133 from A$349 m²
Expression Rug ID 104425 from A$355 m²
My Kat Rug ID 633129 from A$351 m²
Zebra Rug ID 532745 from A$349 m²
Randolph Rug ID 1548744 from A$349 m²
Lavacity Rug ID 772069 from A$353 m²
Remi Rug ID 1550540 from A$349 m²
Kruger Rug ID 342665 from A$349 m²
Kousan Rug ID 1355516 from A$351 m²
Sutton Rug ID 1307791 from A$351 m²
Saturn Rug ID 643693 from A$351 m²
Sleepy Willow Rug ID 492405 from A$349 m²
Empire Rug ID 1485444 from A$349 m²
Hadleigh Rug ID 1305971 from A$355 m²
Five Star Rug ID 680569 from A$355 m²
Fossa Rug ID 541685 from A$351 m²
Haigh Rug ID 959741 from A$349 m²
Tidewater Rug ID 1315167 from A$357 m²
My Kat Rug ID 633025 from A$351 m²
Reeds Rug ID 1386876 from A$353 m²
Kava Rug ID 1133011 from A$349 m²
Thorpe Rug ID 863387 from A$351 m²
Makula Rug ID 1043426 from A$351 m²
Safari Rug ID 472873 from A$349 m²
Iridescence Rug ID 1366376 from A$353 m²
Reflections Rug ID 726345 from A$357 m²
Starsix Rug ID 927125 from A$349 m²
Heritage Rug ID 1062026 from A$357 m²
Hero Rug ID 1364540 from A$351 m²
Salis Rug ID 1556140 from A$353 m²
Saturn Rug ID 643593 from A$351 m²
Pletheroe Rug ID 1113526 from A$349 m²
Fairfax Rug ID 272281 from A$349 m²
Semblance Rug ID 1069646 from A$349 m²
Gardena Rug ID 1340336 from A$351 m²
Malawi Rug ID 388441 from A$349 m²
Anya Rug ID 183693 from A$349 m²
Kananga Rug ID 1050710 from A$351 m²
Myrna Rug ID 945101 from A$349 m²
Brooklyn Rug ID 1438932 from A$351 m²
Delray Rug ID 1158707 from A$349 m²
Reference Rug ID 356733 from A$349 m²
Soneva Rug ID 1424312 from A$353 m²
Room 237 Rug ID 634817 from A$355 m²
Desa Rug ID 1479884 from A$351 m²
Otley Rug ID 439433 from A$349 m²
Boxbark Rug ID 686005 from A$357 m²
Paragon Rug ID 1145811 from A$357 m²
Boscobel Rug ID 689381 from A$357 m²
Salis Rug ID 1556124 from A$353 m²
Stasis Rug ID 901973 from A$357 m²
Atlantic Rug ID 895968 from A$349 m²
Molar Rug ID 406093 from A$349 m²
Hudson Rug ID 1472484 from A$349 m²
Nobu Rug ID 1016581 from A$349 m²
Collected Leaves Rug ID 226573 from A$349 m²
Laurel Rug ID 1106194 from A$349 m²
Inviolate Rug ID 719369 from A$357 m²
Morrison Rug ID 413133 from A$349 m²
Twine Rug ID 984769 from A$349 m²
Caye Rug ID 1466828 from A$349 m²
Inviolate Rug ID 719273 from A$357 m²
Simple Stripes Rug ID 107945 from A$355 m²
Mauna Rug ID 1522664 from A$353 m²
Harbour Rug ID 1166131 from A$351 m²
Bache Rug ID 981181 from A$349 m²
Tracks Rug ID 740413 from A$351 m²
Absin Rug ID 1087850 from A$349 m²
Kananga Rug ID 1050786 from A$351 m²
Hinterland Rug ID 1318835 from A$355 m²
Kuwa Rug ID 1037858 from A$351 m²
Deck Rug ID 164253 from A$349 m²
Ker Plunk Rug ID 333857 from A$349 m²
Triana Rug ID 1563572 from A$351 m²
Efflorescence Rug ID 761553 from A$349 m²
Lydmar Rug ID 1515276 from A$349 m²
Havana Rug ID 300433 from A$349 m²
Abstracted Rug ID 550329 from A$357 m²
Onside Rug ID 1065942 from A$353 m²
Kiki Rug ID 613845 from A$351 m²
Simoneta Rug ID 1416628 from A$349 m²
Key Largo Rug ID 897633 from A$349 m²
Baubles Rug ID 900693 from A$353 m²
Adorn Rug ID 972169 from A$349 m²
Merge Rug ID 1524504 from A$353 m²
Homecat Rug ID 624333 from A$351 m²
Condesa Rug ID 1476160 from A$349 m²
Anassa Rug ID 1450164 from A$355 m²
Henry Rug ID 1504064 from A$353 m²
Elba Rug ID 252889 from A$349 m²
Turbulent Rug ID 765049 from A$349 m²
Chopsticks Rug ID 381401 from A$349 m²
Scala Rug ID 664741 from A$349 m²
Proud Zebra Rug ID 1136891 from A$349 m²
Kasbah Rug ID 1433636 from A$355 m²
Showing 1 - 100 of 6753 items
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