Hand-Tufted Wool Rugs

Customisable hand-tufted wool runners by rug couture

Our customisable hand-tufted beige hallway runners provide a high quality look within a short timeframe. All designs are fully customisable - edit colours and choose your size, shape and select required pile depth. All designs can be reproduced in pure wool or New Zealand wool.

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Subway Rug ID 1142447 from A$355 m²
Lydmar Rug ID 1515532 from A$349 m²
Samara Rug ID 1084582 from A$349 m²
Storybird Rug ID 621109 from A$351 m²
Duality Rug ID 235593 from A$349 m²
Century Rug ID 536705 from A$351 m²
Berkeley Rug ID 203913 from A$349 m²
Maelstrom Rug ID 1342848 from A$351 m²
Enis Rug ID 1110162 from A$349 m²
Twenty Rug ID 175265 from A$349 m²
Ekat Rug ID 1323052 from A$349 m²
Bache Rug ID 981705 from A$349 m²
Kawele Rug ID 1045658 from A$353 m²
Ovolo Rug ID 1537832 from A$353 m²
Indented Rug ID 705689 from A$357 m²
Crowfoot Rug ID 628269 from A$351 m²
Imani Rug ID 1506396 from A$351 m²
Lyndare Rug ID 385389 from A$349 m²
Embre Rug ID 1487608 from A$353 m²
Atlantic Rug ID 192909 from A$349 m²
Hubris Rug ID 703829 from A$357 m²
Ogler Rug ID 434485 from A$349 m²
Kasbah Rug ID 330809 from A$349 m²
Azimuth Rug ID 196549 from A$349 m²
Palazzo Rug ID 1539692 from A$349 m²
Highclere Rug ID 1108386 from A$349 m²
Expression Rug ID 104821 from A$355 m²
Serrano Rug ID 1155431 from A$353 m²
Vertical Rug ID 99737 from A$351 m²
Hexstar Rug ID 309513 from A$349 m²
Ibis Rug ID 316729 from A$349 m²
Wiresande Rug ID 797237 from A$357 m²
Whistler Rug ID 585845 from A$351 m²
Park Rug ID 1543420 from A$349 m²
Natural Stripes Rug ID 420573 from A$349 m²
Otley Rug ID 440069 from A$349 m²
Haritha Rug ID 1502716 from A$349 m²
Mojave Rug ID 904297 from A$351 m²
Playtime Rug ID 1326432 from A$351 m²
Park Rug ID 1543636 from A$349 m²
Wiresande Rug ID 791022 from A$357 m²
Mode Rug ID 756629 from A$351 m²
Tate Rug ID 1289719 from A$349 m²
Etali Rug ID 1489788 from A$355 m²
Katanga Rug ID 332469 from A$349 m²
Wickham Rug ID 1331152 from A$355 m²
Mauna Rug ID 1523268 from A$353 m²
Nix Rug ID 998625 from A$351 m²
Flatten Zebra Rug ID 276225 from A$349 m²
Ninety Rug ID 906097 from A$349 m²
Fields Rug ID 1321527 from A$355 m²
Varden Rug ID 1168391 from A$353 m²
Hingham Rug ID 1210731 from A$357 m²
Whirly Rug ID 554261 from A$353 m²
Sutton Rug ID 1308291 from A$351 m²
Noodles Rug ID 429301 from A$349 m²
Doru Rug ID 965389 from A$349 m²
Sutton Rug ID 1308267 from A$351 m²
Versailles Rug ID 515509 from A$349 m²
Thorpe Rug ID 863751 from A$351 m²
Bruant Rug ID 909417 from A$355 m²
Dell Rug ID 1302747 from A$349 m²
Nyasa Rug ID 1359456 from A$349 m²
Thurles Rug ID 1337280 from A$357 m²
Zebra Rug ID 533209 from A$349 m²
Lydmar Rug ID 1515520 from A$349 m²
Tura Rug ID 1183151 from A$353 m²
Lyndon Rug ID 1140763 from A$349 m²
Tuileries Rug ID 1286211 from A$349 m²
Wilde Rug ID 668565 from A$349 m²
Haunted Rug ID 698789 from A$357 m²
Blackfriars Rug ID 207433 from A$349 m²
Moira Rug ID 647445 from A$351 m²
Otley Rug ID 439893 from A$349 m²
Aethos Rug ID 1444836 from A$355 m²
Studio Rug ID 1389044 from A$351 m²
Apsley Rug ID 1080734 from A$349 m²
Del Mar Rug ID 1357420 from A$351 m²
Salis Rug ID 1556440 from A$353 m²
Harmony Rug ID 1214487 from A$353 m²
Swarm Rug ID 768961 from A$351 m²
Zuri Rug ID 1571476 from A$355 m²
Mission Rug ID 649205 from A$351 m²
Sarojin Rug ID 1562328 from A$349 m²
Budu Rug ID 1508236 from A$351 m²
Serpentine Rug ID 1348168 from A$357 m²
Elysian Rug ID 1333656 from A$357 m²
Elysian Rug ID 1333868 from A$357 m²
Spruce Rug ID 494421 from A$349 m²
Key Largo Rug ID 337781 from A$349 m²
Blossom Rug ID 568385 from A$355 m²
Eterio Rug ID 1491556 from A$349 m²
Club Rug ID 1474700 from A$349 m²
Verney Rug ID 744409 from A$349 m²
Kananga Rug ID 1051202 from A$351 m²
Hudson Rug ID 1472728 from A$349 m²
Kimberley Rug ID 1418940 from A$349 m²
Gathering Rug ID 285069 from A$349 m²
Tide Rug ID 1325252 from A$349 m²
Aluba Rug ID 1322207 from A$349 m²
1-100 of 6365 designs