Hand-Tufted Wool Rugs

Customisable hand-tufted wool square rugs by rug couture

Our customisable hand-tufted square green rugs provide a high quality look within a short timeframe. All designs are fully customisable - edit colours and choose your size, shape and select required pile depth. All designs can be reproduced in pure wool or New Zealand wool.

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Resort Rug ID 1551360 from A$353 m²
Fracture Rug ID 1600521 from A$349 m²
Heritage Rug ID 1598801 from A$357 m²
Tullimaar Rug ID 991721 from A$349 m²
Wilde Rug ID 667277 from A$349 m²
Sagrada Rug ID 757041 from A$349 m²
Earl Rug ID 1591881 from A$349 m²
Onside Rug ID 1598821 from A$353 m²
Tripp Rug ID 669037 from A$349 m²
Bioko Rug ID 544069 from A$357 m²
Saturn Rug ID 642541 from A$351 m²
Delano Rug ID 1150419 from A$357 m²
Haunted Rug ID 1128111 from A$357 m²
Palm Rug ID 1127891 from A$355 m²
Tura Rug ID 1181699 from A$353 m²
Tate Rug ID 1288483 from A$349 m²
Whurlston Rug ID 1097786 from A$349 m²
Heblo Rug ID 1599001 from A$349 m²
Carraway Rug ID 1207383 from A$353 m²
Manor Rug ID 1124591 from A$349 m²
Condesa Rug ID 1475112 from A$349 m²
Mweru Rug ID 413841 from A$349 m²
Azur Rug ID 1458368 from A$353 m²
Gotle Rug ID 1123771 from A$349 m²
Sixty Six Rug ID 482381 from A$349 m²
Mission Rug ID 1126591 from A$351 m²
Midnight Surf Rug ID 649581 from A$351 m²
Modena Rug ID 1599841 from A$357 m²
Rylie Rug ID 1553224 from A$349 m²
Scala Rug ID 663685 from A$349 m²
Boscobel Rug ID 688493 from A$357 m²
Tracks Rug ID 739429 from A$351 m²
Inviolate Rug ID 718321 from A$357 m²
Firebrand Rug ID 273133 from A$349 m²
Stepi Rug ID 1194511 from A$349 m²
Elodi Rug ID 257197 from A$349 m²
Morrison Rug ID 412005 from A$349 m²
Sideways Rug ID 829216 from A$349 m²
Damascus Rug ID 1137539 from A$349 m²
Montagu Rug ID 1183411 from A$353 m²
Abundance Rug ID 1573824 from A$351 m²
Six six one Rug ID 998817 from A$349 m²
Neve Rug ID 1532768 from A$349 m²
Capra Rug ID 1602181 from A$349 m²
Serpentine Rug ID 478861 from A$349 m²
Tide Rug ID 473677 from A$349 m²
Lyndon Rug ID 1139259 from A$349 m²
Hudson Rug ID 1471392 from A$349 m²
Polyphony Rug ID 507113 from A$349 m²
Metropole Rug ID 1367220 from A$353 m²
Brandford Rug ID 1211071 from A$351 m²
Debut Rug ID 1123131 from A$349 m²
Merkaba Rug ID 1590656 from A$349 m²
Blockline Rug ID 1596461 from A$357 m²
Wanda Rug ID 1013505 from A$349 m²
Kumu Rug ID 1508592 from A$351 m²
Fields Rug ID 105293 from A$355 m²
Capra Rug ID 1571764 from A$349 m²
Mauna Rug ID 1521596 from A$353 m²
Chromaflow Rug ID 1588476 from A$353 m²
Crowfoot Rug ID 626893 from A$351 m²
Mweru Rug ID 413765 from A$349 m²
Resort Rug ID 1551372 from A$353 m²
Spruce Rug ID 1594341 from A$349 m²
Soneva Rug ID 1423132 from A$353 m²
Iberia Rug ID 313453 from A$349 m²
Dade Rug ID 1579304 from A$349 m²
Hana Rug ID 1499392 from A$357 m²
Palazzo Rug ID 1538256 from A$349 m²
Thorpe Rug ID 862427 from A$351 m²
Miro Rug ID 1393168 from A$351 m²
Amandari Rug ID 1445344 from A$355 m²
Wanderoo Rug ID 108621 from A$357 m²
Amelia Rug ID 1214763 from A$351 m²
Mantis Rug ID 651437 from A$351 m²
Kuwi Rug ID 1038570 from A$353 m²
Boundary Rug ID 343373 from A$349 m²
Fairfax Rug ID 1603361 from A$353 m²
Grove Rug ID 1497496 from A$349 m²
Illustria Rug ID 1116178 from A$349 m²
Midnight Surf Rug ID 1595141 from A$351 m²
Lorenzo Rug ID 1152219 from A$357 m²
Dancing Wind Rug ID 537033 from A$351 m²
Mode Rug ID 755273 from A$351 m²
Stasis Rug ID 746413 from A$357 m²
Mya Rug ID 1602841 from A$349 m²
Mendes Rug ID 1395060 from A$357 m²
Efflorescence Rug ID 760653 from A$349 m²
Mahu Rug ID 1516016 from A$349 m²
Key Largo Rug ID 336401 from A$349 m²
Regis Rug ID 1391340 from A$357 m²
Danby Rug ID 228965 from A$349 m²
Cooloola Rug ID 1227591 from A$355 m²
Whurlston Rug ID 1097710 from A$349 m²
Broadstripe Rug ID 1128491 from A$351 m²
Treads Rug ID 1371052 from A$349 m²
Its A Round Rug Rug ID 705925 from A$357 m²
Empire Rug ID 1484476 from A$349 m²
Sufi Rug ID 1125811 from A$349 m²
Resort Rug ID 1551368 from A$353 m²
1-100 of 5325 designs