Hand-Tufted Wool Rugs

Customisable hand-tufted wool rugs by rug couture

Our customisable hand-tufted blue violet rugs provide a high quality look within a short timeframe. All designs are fully customisable - edit colours and choose your size, shape and select required pile depth. All designs can be reproduced in pure wool or New Zealand wool.

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Metropole Rug ID 1367916 from A$353 m²
Salis Rug ID 1555784 from A$353 m²
Popping Poppy Rug ID 676745 from A$353 m²
Moira Rug ID 646841 from A$351 m²
Atlantic Rug ID 192097 from A$349 m²
Dalesby Rug ID 858043 from A$349 m²
Mia Rug ID 1134451 from A$357 m²
Hana Rug ID 1500000 from A$357 m²
Hadleigh Rug ID 1305627 from A$355 m²
Indelible Rug ID 319457 from A$349 m²
Nebular Rug ID 1345608 from A$349 m²
Iona Rug ID 1222823 from A$349 m²
Brooklyn Rug ID 1438592 from A$351 m²
Absin Rug ID 1087450 from A$349 m²
Fairfax Rug ID 1581904 from A$353 m²
Contours Rug ID 280757 from A$349 m²
Makula Rug ID 1043026 from A$351 m²
Scala Rug ID 664441 from A$349 m²
Teatime Rug ID 502521 from A$349 m²
Equatorial Rug ID 268425 from A$349 m²
Brandford Rug ID 1211763 from A$351 m²
Peace Rug ID 641541 from A$351 m²
Lydmar Rug ID 1514856 from A$349 m²
Porgy Rug ID 569397 from A$353 m²
Maeve Rug ID 982577 from A$349 m²
Hemsley Rug ID 305401 from A$349 m²
Mello Rug ID 1397692 from A$353 m²
Sagrada Rug ID 757697 from A$349 m²
Morden Rug ID 410973 from A$349 m²
Cooloola Rug ID 1228347 from A$355 m²
Apsley Rug ID 1080090 from A$349 m²
Zeta Rug ID 1568812 from A$355 m²
Kiki Rug ID 613373 from A$351 m²
Frame Rug ID 873607 from A$349 m²
Miro Rug ID 1393964 from A$351 m²
Maelstrom Rug ID 1341872 from A$351 m²
Downtown Rug ID 1481392 from A$355 m²
Peace Rug ID 641537 from A$351 m²
Atlantic Rug ID 192105 from A$349 m²
Touch of Cloth Rug ID 671481 from A$351 m²
Node Rug ID 946593 from A$349 m²
Lucia Rug ID 1399556 from A$349 m²
Hannix Rug ID 1081934 from A$351 m²
Versailles Rug ID 514817 from A$349 m²
Damascus Rug ID 1138131 from A$349 m²
Meshed Rug ID 400433 from A$349 m²
Vertical Rug ID 98837 from A$351 m²
Laser Rug ID 374037 from A$349 m²
Samadhi Rug ID 1557656 from A$355 m²
Fossa Rug ID 541233 from A$351 m²
Bache Rug ID 980781 from A$349 m²
Dalesby Rug ID 858035 from A$349 m²
Semblance Rug ID 1069054 from A$349 m²
Lydmar Rug ID 1514868 from A$349 m²
Expression Rug ID 270193 from A$349 m²
Flashback Rug ID 1375352 from A$357 m²
Illustria Rug ID 1116898 from A$349 m²
Rings Rug ID 465553 from A$349 m²
Room 237 Rug ID 634493 from A$355 m²
Majesty Rug ID 957377 from A$349 m²
Florescent Rug ID 1220991 from A$357 m²
Jimbaran Rug ID 1377220 from A$355 m²
Verge Rug ID 1611351 from A$349 m²
Picnic Rug ID 639773 from A$351 m²
Serpentine Rug ID 1347472 from A$357 m²
Boscobel Rug ID 689057 from A$357 m²
Sutton Rug ID 1307475 from A$351 m²
Asa Rug ID 1455336 from A$349 m²
Mesheck Rug ID 219157 from A$349 m²
Kiki Rug ID 613397 from A$351 m²
Jimbaran Rug ID 1377228 from A$355 m²
Crosby Rug ID 1421872 from A$353 m²
Bagpuize Rug ID 1309315 from A$349 m²
Azade Rug ID 1457212 from A$351 m²
Tura Rug ID 1182323 from A$353 m²
Empire Rug ID 1485096 from A$349 m²
Stydd Rug ID 928593 from A$349 m²
Scala Rug ID 664433 from A$349 m²
Victoria Rug ID 1130755 from A$353 m²
Frazzler Rug ID 701385 from A$357 m²
Appleby Rug ID 1281711 from A$357 m²
Atlantic Rug ID 192121 from A$349 m²
Bardo Rug ID 1460916 from A$349 m²
Mombassa Rug ID 407473 from A$349 m²
Harlequin Rug ID 298337 from A$349 m²
Fields Rug ID 565881 from A$355 m²
Makula Rug ID 1043038 from A$351 m²
Treads Rug ID 1371648 from A$349 m²
Springbud Rug ID 777045 from A$353 m²
Henry Rug ID 1503704 from A$353 m²
Amelia Rug ID 1215463 from A$351 m²
Celebration Rug ID 773533 from A$357 m²
Plain Rug ID 1608695 from A$347 m²
Peace Rug ID 641557 from A$351 m²
Lilith Rug ID 379293 from A$349 m²
Form Rug ID 1494396 from A$349 m²
Safari Rug ID 472585 from A$349 m²
Montagu Rug ID 1184171 from A$353 m²
Keyblock Rug ID 335321 from A$349 m²
Absin Rug ID 1087442 from A$349 m²
1-100 of 3709 designs