Hand-Tufted Wool Rugs

Customisable hand-tufted wool rugs by rug couture

Our customisable hand-tufted yellow rugs provide a high quality look within a short timeframe. All designs are fully customisable - edit colours and choose your size, shape and select required pile depth. All designs can be reproduced in pure wool or New Zealand wool.

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Petalia Rug ID 1587640 from A$353 m²
Boundary Rug ID 344297 from A$349 m²
Marshcourt Rug ID 950393 from A$349 m²
Wiresande Rug ID 806869 from A$357 m²
Earl Rug ID 880855 from A$349 m²
Join The Dots Rug ID 752621 from A$353 m²
Tidal Rug ID 1056382 from A$353 m²
Beaumont Rug ID 1463016 from A$349 m²
Nebular Rug ID 1345832 from A$349 m²
Node Rug ID 946809 from A$349 m²
Lady Caroline Rug ID 601173 from A$353 m²
Nebular Rug ID 1345840 from A$349 m²
Hemsley Rug ID 305581 from A$349 m²
Native Rug ID 416461 from A$349 m²
Serpentine Rug ID 1347700 from A$357 m²
Bojo Rug ID 210541 from A$349 m²
Eterio Rug ID 1490924 from A$349 m²
Oulton Rug ID 1072946 from A$351 m²
Playtime Rug ID 636373 from A$351 m²
Kumu Rug ID 1509516 from A$351 m²
Serpentine Rug ID 479817 from A$349 m²
Onside Rug ID 1065598 from A$353 m²
Plaza Rug ID 1225367 from A$349 m²
Wilde Rug ID 668153 from A$349 m²
Capability Rug ID 214069 from A$349 m²
Rushes Rug ID 1186243 from A$351 m²
Sufi Rug ID 497421 from A$349 m²
Azade Rug ID 1457440 from A$351 m²
Imani Rug ID 1505792 from A$351 m²
Mia Rug ID 1134679 from A$357 m²
Dell Rug ID 1302187 from A$349 m²
Debut Rug ID 233421 from A$349 m²
Nolitan Rug ID 1160435 from A$357 m²
Mweru Rug ID 414713 from A$349 m²
Fluidity Rug ID 692777 from A$357 m²
Kairi Rug ID 1320579 from A$357 m²
Leopard Rug ID 631177 from A$351 m²
Varden Rug ID 1167795 from A$353 m²
Loves Me Rug ID 560781 from A$355 m²
Constance Rug ID 742069 from A$351 m²
Thorpe Rug ID 863283 from A$351 m²
Mono Rug ID 167661 from A$349 m²
Slick Rug ID 729749 from A$357 m²
Dancing Wind Rug ID 537813 from A$351 m²
Phase Rug ID 1546720 from A$351 m²
Havana Rug ID 300297 from A$349 m²
Elodi Rug ID 258057 from A$349 m²
Morrison Rug ID 412941 from A$349 m²
Karnak Rug ID 1349556 from A$351 m²
Lavacity Rug ID 771969 from A$353 m²
Arroyo Rug ID 188693 from A$349 m²
Elysian Rug ID 1333136 from A$357 m²
Kyra Rug ID 372373 from A$349 m²
Crazy Horse Rug ID 690933 from A$357 m²
Slither Rug ID 588937 from A$351 m²
Petalia Rug ID 1587636 from A$353 m²
Verney Rug ID 743829 from A$349 m²
Blockline Rug ID 699833 from A$357 m²
Natural Stripes Rug ID 419977 from A$349 m²
Zigzag Rug ID 455189 from A$349 m²
Clique Rug ID 1351416 from A$349 m²
Efflorescence Rug ID 761433 from A$349 m²
Tidewater Rug ID 1315063 from A$357 m²
Five Star Rug ID 680469 from A$355 m²
Hackney Slick Rug ID 1334956 from A$357 m²
Kuwa Rug ID 1037734 from A$351 m²
Zeta Rug ID 1569036 from A$355 m²
Samadhi Rug ID 1557884 from A$355 m²
Foundry Rug ID 1071102 from A$351 m²
Debut Rug ID 233333 from A$349 m²
Mentmore Rug ID 397013 from A$349 m²
Manhattan Rug ID 1518820 from A$349 m²
Brooklyn Rug ID 1438832 from A$351 m²
Nasir Rug ID 1104238 from A$349 m²
Tracks Rug ID 740309 from A$351 m²
Polyphony Rug ID 507893 from A$349 m²
Starsix Rug ID 927005 from A$349 m²
Octus Rug ID 430541 from A$349 m²
Leeves Rug ID 377741 from A$349 m²
Mia Rug ID 1134683 from A$357 m²
Wrap Rug ID 485109 from A$349 m²
Nolitan 2 Rug ID 1191759 from A$357 m²
Heblo Rug ID 1089518 from A$349 m²
Carraway Rug ID 1208319 from A$353 m²
Central Rug ID 1468596 from A$349 m²
Raya Rug ID 923409 from A$349 m²
Trug Rug ID 609973 from A$351 m²
Damascus Rug ID 1138355 from A$349 m²
Keyblock Rug ID 335413 from A$349 m²
Elone Rug ID 1096878 from A$349 m²
Tidewater Rug ID 1315059 from A$357 m²
Wrap Rug ID 485013 from A$349 m²
Havana Rug ID 300313 from A$349 m²
Hinterland Rug ID 1318743 from A$355 m²
Varanasi Rug ID 910805 from A$349 m²
Florescent Rug ID 1221211 from A$357 m²
New Yorker Rug ID 1296663 from A$351 m²
Eterio Rug ID 1490916 from A$349 m²
Tulsa Rug ID 509741 from A$349 m²
Kura Rug ID 1511376 from A$349 m²
1-100 of 2653 designs